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Take job specifications seriously

Please include tips for the readers on how to present yourself during interviews. In particular, what do you say or what aspects of yourself do you talk about when an interviewer says, “Tell me about yourself.” In my case, I

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Attitude, not aptitude, gets you the job

I am writing to you because I would like to ask some tips for a successful interview. I’m already 25 years old but still jobless. I wonder why my previous job applications were turned down. Is it because I’m not

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Opportunities exist for the academically challenged jobseeker

 I read your article yesterday entitled ‘Attitude, not aptitude, gets you the job.’ First of all, I would like to greet you on having written such an informative and encouraging piece. I call it encouraging because it has somehow given

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Integrity, though unlisted, is number one requirement for any job

 I AM currently out of work. I was retrenched by my first company after five years of service. Then, I worked for another company but I resigned after a few months because I discovered some unethical practices in that company.

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