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circleofpassionMANY jobseekers want to find a job fast because they need the income. While they say looking for a job is difficult, it can be easy for as long as you are not choosy with the work you accept. But that’s the problem really. It is good to be choosy about the jobs we take because what we do will ultimately determine what we will become.

Intensity of passion

To illustrate, many people, who in their desire to earn a living for their families (which is a noble purpose), get the first job on hand, get the first promotion offered to them, work hard at where they are, and at the sunset of their careers, realize that they are not at all interested in what they are doing after all. Somewhere along the road to earning money, they lost a sense of themselves. The reason? They got jobs, but they weren’t fulfilling their “mission” in life. They do what they have to do; but there is no excitement and joy in their work. What’s the problem? They lack passion in life.

Richard Chang, author of “The Passion Plan,” defines passion, “(It) fills you with energy and excitement that gets you up in the morning and keeps you awake at night. When you experience it, you lose track of time and become absorbed in the task at hand. This passion creates personal intensity, uplifts you, and inspires you. It heightens your performance and enables you to achieve things you may never have dreamed possible.”

Discovering your passion

When you are feeling listless at work and restless in your life, that is an indicator that you need to discover your passion in life. But how can you retain and nurture, get and renew your passion for work? The answer lies within your heart.

To know what’s in your heart, first, ask yourself, what kind of work makes you feel alive? What activities echo your innermost dreams and aspirations? Observe what animates you or leaves you feeling indifferent. For example, when you think about the sales and promotions projects you can go into, your mind keeps on running even till late at night. However, talking about market research brings you to sleep in an instant.

Second, find out what you can be best at and not just merely good at. For example, you may not have experience acting in front of a camera but suddenly, when you are given a chance to report on camera, you project well. On the other hand, you may know how to write a passable report but it’s not your best suit because your heart is not in it.

Lastly, discover what has the greatest impact on your life or what is your “profit” factor. “Profit” in this sense can be measured in pesos and cents and in terms of other benefits that accrue to your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual bank accounts.

Circles of Passion”

If you know what excites you, what you can be best at, and what makes the greatest impact on your life, then you will discover your passion in work and in life. This will give you energy to last a lifetime. This is best illustrated by the “Circles of Passion.” This is a graphic illustration of my method of how to discover your passion in life.

While it’s hard to keep passion alive amidst the ordinariness of our lives, we need to do so. Richard Chang defines the consequences so clearly, “When we act in opposition to our heart, defying our passion, we are left with feelings of emptiness, longing, and unfulfillment. When we rule out passion, we introduce ourselves to a life of regrets, a life of what-ifs.”

If you want to live a life without regret, reach for that passion in your work and life and reap the rewards of a life fulfilled.



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