How to succeed when your grades fail you

sunriseI have poor grades in my transcript of records. Most of my grades are below average, others are failing marks. Due to this, I hesitate applying for jobs since companies  usually ask for a transcript of records. I’m afraid to show them my transcript because they might ask me why I failed. I don’t have a good reason for that. I also was not active in our school organizations. My school is not well-known like UP, Ateneo or La Salle. I’m not an intelligent type of student but I am not a slow learner. How can I address this handicap? What I should I say to the interviewer if they ask me “why did you fail in many of your subjects?’ How can I impress the interviewer despite my failing remarks?

Honest appraisal

The reality is that your past is past and there is nothing you can do to change it. On the other hand, there are so many things you can do to change your future. With an honest appraisal of your past, in your case, your academic performance, you can determine your strengths (which I am sure you have!) and weaknesses. From there, map out a plan to come up with a new and improved “you” which can stand a better chance in the job market. What areas in your school life were you enthusiastic about? What subjects did you fare relatively well? Am sure there are many because you were able to earn a degree. These areas are where your strengths lie. On the other hand, what areas could you have done better if you have exerted more effort? Again these indicate your strengths. Then, look at the areas where you definitely did not have any interest and therefore, was not motivated to do well in. These are your weaknesses.


Before you present yourself to employers, you need to develop your strengths and lessen your weaknesses. In order to do this, you have to upgrade your knowledge and skills. Read books and periodicals that can enhance your strengths and fill in the gaps or lessen your weaknesses. Being knowledgeable can help a lot in bolstering your confidence and communication skills. Attend seminars or take post-graduate courses related to your interests. Since you say you are not slow learner, this can sharpen your brainpower. Make sure though that you put in a lot of effort this time to do well in these courses.

Embarking on this self-improvement program can make you more marketable. With additional training courses tucked onto your resume, these will compensate for your poor academic record. And these newly acquired skills can help in projecting yourself as a better candidate during interviews and “impressing” the interviewer with your new found “you.”

Brighter future

If you do all these, you need not hide your transcript of records. When asked to provide it, do so but make sure your resume highlights your strengths in other areas. And if you asked by the interviewer about your failing grades, you can answer, “Yes, ma’am, I was not able to exert enough effort in college, a fact I regret now, but I have made up for it by learning more and acquiring new skills after college. In fact, I have already completed seminars on…”
With determination to mold an improved “you,” I am sure your future will be brighter than your past.


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