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the-future-299627-mI am having difficulties in looking for a job though I have enough work experience. I worked for more that three years in a TV station as a researcher. I’ve been searching now for six months. Some companies called me for interview but the jobs will not lead me to my dream career. I want to pursue a career in the corporate world. I have a background in writing because I use to contribute stories to the number one broadsheet newspaper. Do you think it will take long for me to find a job? I really need it because I have a nephew who studies in college who I am supporting. Could you give me some tips on job searching? Thank you. – Dream job searcher


It is laudable that you now want to take a job that will fit your dream career. It is always best to be in a job that you love. However, finding your dream job will not be easy; it will not just fall on your lap. Thus, you have to be patient and persevere in your search. On the other hand, you said that you need a job to support your nephew through college. This situation does not give you the luxury of being choosy with the work that you take. In this regard, it would seem you have to make a choice to take a job that may not fit very well with your criteria or keep on searching for your dream job and encounter financial difficulties.

There is a way out of this “either-or” scenario and it would involve changing your mindset or, as we HR people love to say, your “paradigm.” When you look for a job that will fit with your dram career, it would be wise not to be too stringent with your standards. Based on my Circle of Passion concept, what’s important is that it should be aligned with what you can do best, what excites you and what will make the greatest impact on your life.

Don’t look for a fantastic salary (if you are the big spender, no salary can be fantastic enough), a no-conflict workplace (definitely, in any workplace you would have to deal with conflict and office politics), or a super boss (bosses are human beings, too, and full of frailties like you and me). If you insist in these your “musts,” I am afraid you will never get your dream career.

Bare minimum

Instead, determine the bare minimum that you must have in a job such as: the job is the line of work you want to go into, it offers decent pay and sufficient benefits, and the company has a good reputation in labor management relations. If the positions offered to you fit these bare necessities, then take it. Then, once you are on the job, you can create your dream career. If your boss is not that great or your co-workers are not that perfect, initiate moves that can create a better work climate rather that just sit and gripe. If you would like more challenging work, volunteer in task forces or ad hoc committees or offer your services to your boss in other areas of work in your department.
With this mindset, you will find it easier to evaluate your job offers. The mere fact that companies have called you up to give you a crack at their vacancies signify that you have a good chance of getting a job soon. If you are not too picky, then you’ll get lucky.

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