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job-concept-1445172-4-mI’m a fresh graduate of AB Political Science here in Cebu. Before I proceed to Law School, I would like to have a job or work. But I don’t know where to work because most of the jobs available are mostly business-related jobs. I’m having a hard time in applying. My question is, where do PolSci graduates usually work? I’m looking forward to a positive reply on this letter. Thank you very much and more power. – PolSci jobseeker

Where do political science graduates go? This is a good question, which perhaps some of our readers who are political science graduates, and who already have jobs can answer. What I know is that political science graduates usually end up taking law and becoming lawyers. Some end up becoming politicians, at one end of the political spectrum, or fulltime activists, on the other end.

Seriously though, if you are a college graduate, you can apply for any job position that specifies this requirement without stating any particular preference for a course. A college graduate is expected to be able to perform general administrative tasks like encoding (using the popular MS Office software), placing and receiving calls, filing, operating office equipment like the fax machine and copying machine, attending to clients and customers and even making simple reports. Such tasks are done in the various functional areas in an organization like marketing, finance or administration. Thus, you can apply in almost any entry-level position in these areas.

Political science graduates can also try their hand in media companies. Usually, radio, TV and print media companies prefer hiring reporters covering the political beats who have a college degree in political science, assuming that such a background would enable them to understand the intricacies of the beat and enable them to give more in-depth reports.

Thus, if it is work that you need, while waiting to go to Law School, you can apply in practically any industry and functional area in a company where a college degree, regardless of the course, is the only requirement.


Graduates nowadays though should not look at employment as reporting to an office or working for a company. Employment, as I define it, is something that a person can do that has a value to a consumer who is willing to pay for such work. I truly believe that all human beings are capable of providing value since we all have certain competencies and talents, inborn or acquired. Thus, generating income for one’s self for a living is something that everyone is capable of doing, whether or not he or she gets a job in a company. Truly, in this sense, employment is a state or frame of mind where your resourcefulness is the key to your survival.

In this light, the political science graduate can also take the alternative of seeing what services he can offer or products he can make, given the knowledge and skills he has acquired in college, that consumers are willing to pay for. One successful book author who we featured in People at Work started his career by writing test reviewers in math for his fellow students, which became a hot selling item. This eventually led to his writing a math test reviewer book which led to his writing other books. A handicapped person generates additional income by encoding theses and term papers of students. A working mom recruits people in the provinces for employment agencies. An accounting student offers bookkeeping services to small companies. The things one can do to earn income, without necessarily working in an office, is endless.

In these hard times, we all must change our paradigms of work and making a living in order to survive.

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